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With the festive season in full swing we head on the aptly named Christmas 18 tour with Darren, Mark, Mike and Lachie, otherwise known as vocal harmony group The Overtones (dressed by Burton of course), where they show us how to get into the swing of all things festive. Including the dress code. But do they look sharp in a tux? See below for proof. From slick suiting to frontman-worthy threads, these guys know how to look the part. We caught up with the band to talk tours, style and holiday season…

 The Overtones Wearing Burton Menswear

(L -R) Lachie Chapman, Mike Crawshaw, Darren Everest, Mark Franks. All wearing Cobalt Slim Fit Velvet Blazer, £75

Tell us about being on tour. The best moment so far?

LOCKIE: Tour time is our favourite part of the year where we get the chance to be on the road and in front of our fans. We have an incredibly loyal fan base and the shows are always barnstormers. I think people see in the papers and on TV ‘The Overtones are going on tour’ and they go and buy tickets right away. I think after a million album sales and 9 headline tours the word is out that we put on a great show.


You’ve been dressed by Burton for your tour, what makes a standout stage outfit?

LOCKIE: It’s important onstage to look like a group but also to be allowed to be an individual within that. It has been such a pleasure to be dressed by Burton and to spend time with their creative team (we met the wonderful head of marketing Stephanie Bamsey by chance at a charity fundraiser and we’ve done nothing but laugh and giggle whenever we meet for fittings or photo shoots). Our look for this tour is really cool, we all look individual but have separate identities within that – beautiful printed velvets and detailed evening jackets in mixtures of fabric and textures. For us as a group of lads going for a very ‘slick night on the town look’, Burton had exactly what we were looking for, and then some.

Darren Wearing Burton

Darren wearing Black Floral Print Velvet Blazer, £75

You’re all stylish men; Who or what inspires your stage style?

DARREN: We’re inspired by the style of the 50s and 60s and the amazing acts who graced the stages during that time. If you can’t wear a velvet jacket and a big bowtie on stage in front of thousands of people than when can you!?


What’s the best piece of style advice you’ve ever been given?

DARREN: It’s not exactly advice but rather a quote I once read.  ‘You can never be overdressed’ I completely agree. I love to dress smart, whether I’m on stage or out for a meal!

The Overtones Wearing Burton Menswear

(L – R) 1904 Tavistock Navy Pinstripe 3 Piece suit £141.75, 1904 Regent Grey Wool Check 3 piece Suit £171.75   1904 Brook Black Check Suit Jacket £89, Trousers £50 (mixers sold separately), Blue Check Slim Fit 3 Piece Suit £119

What are the items you’ll be wearing on repeat this season?

MIKE: I love knitwear. Great fitting jumpers and tops. Keeping warm but stylish. Whether it’s a roll neck or v-neck. Love a nice bit of knitwear.


Do you think your style has evolved with age?

MIKE: I guess it has yes. I recognise that I’m no longer in my twenties but I also understand that that doesn’t mean my style has to change dramatically. Of course there are some things I know I can no longer pull off but that’s actually ok as a more mature style is perfect for me now. And to be honest, looks pretty great!


If you’ve got it flaunt it…party wear that is. What’s your party outfit go to? Favorite pieces from the Burton collection?

MARK: I would describe my party attire as ‘smasual’ (Smart/Casual) I’m all for popping a clean white tee under a nice tailored jacket with some black skinny jeans. I’m loving my tour jacket from Burtons, fits like a glove. It’s a lovely deep purple with a gorgeous textured pattern and a smart black lapel to finish it off.


The Overtones Wearing Burton Menswear

(L-R) Floral Velvet Blazer £75,   Purple Jaquard Jacket £75,   Black Floral Print Velvet Blazer, £75 Burgundy Velvet Blazer £75


What tricks are up your sleeve to keep you looking good the morning after the night before? Are you all about the hedonistic fry up or the altogether more holistic sweating it out on a morning run?

MARK: Haha. I’m definitely not a morning run kinda guy. Even without a hangover. I’d say a decent fry up the morning after the night before would sort me right out. I think hydration is the key. Plenty of water and a good face moisturiser.

The big day is coming up, and we’d like to know: what’s your perfect Christmas Day and what’s on the menu?

LOCKIE: I come from Australia so I do find the Christmas dinners in the UK very funny. There is so much food! It’s much more streamlined back home and there’s less of it, I guess because it’s hot and sunny in Sydney at Christmas and it’s a much more outdoor affair. Having said that, I love Christmas in the UK, in fact I prefer it. I love the lead up to Christmas with all the lights and the mulled wines and ciders and people and activity. In or out for Christmas? Definitely out! My mum came over a few years ago for Christmas and we treated ourselves by checking into a really smart hotel. It was amazing. No dishes. No cooking. No nothing. I’m a big fan of Christmas dinner out at a restaurant or hotel – I’m a convert!


What’s on your wishlist this Christmas?

DARREN: It sounds cliche but quality time with family and friends is all I want. And a Burtons gift voucher of course 😉


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