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Forget queues for the bar that are 5 people deep and transport prices going through the roof. Why not try something different this New Year’s Eve? Round up your friends and suggest something that will not break the bank. Here are some alternative New Year’s Eve ideas.

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Dinner Party

You don’t have to recreate Come Dine With Me. Simply ask everyone to bring a dish, a bottle of fizz and maybe a folding chair or two and then you’ll be all set for an enjoyable New Year celebration. After dinner, up the energy and play a game like Articulate or Cards of Humanity to ensure plenty of laughter.


Even those with two left feet love a good Cèilidh so why not try and find one in your local area? Better still, you could always head up to Edinburgh for it and make a trip of it. Rent a house or apartment for a couple of days with a group of friends. Then get into the spirit by drinking fine scotch all night long, or Buckfast, if you’re that way inclined.

Boat Party

You don’t have to be an avid sailor to enjoy a good boat party. But remember, once you’re on, you’re sailing all the way into 2017. Perhaps not one for those with a weak stomach for the high seas nevertheless every city with a waterway is bound to be having a boat party. You should grab tickets for you and your friends for a New Year’s celebration with a twist.


Start your New Year’s resolutions earlier and show you care as the clock strikes midnight. Register to volunteer at a hospital, homeless shelter or another charity close to your heart for NYE. You’ll feel great, meet new people and also will not suffer from a crippling hangover the next day.

Learn Something New

In the same vane as volunteering, start your night as you mean to go on. You can gather your closest friends and book an experience doing something like learning to make sushi or mix the perfect Negroni. Why not book to a house or private venue? It’s more civilised than stumbling out of an overpriced club at 2 in the morning and queuing for 50 minutes to get a cab.

Whatever you choose to do make sure you look smart. For inspiration, take a look at our party wear feature or blog post on New Year’s Eve outfits.

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