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Lockdown got you feeling a little sedentary? We asked London-based personal trainer Simon Motie, for some tips on how to stay fit at home.

With over 6 years of PT training under his belt, Simon has worked with athletes of all levels, from amateur boxers and MMA fighters to professional footballers, alongside your regular gym-goers and fitness newbies. He has a wealth of knowledge that he is willing to share with us and you (seeing as he has a little extra time on his hands at present).

Simon currently works out six times a week, mixing resistance training with cardio and that fitness buzzword ‘Mobility’, which is essentially just fancy stretching (his words, not ours). He started his journey into fitness because, and we quote: “I used to be overweight and now I’m not. It took hard work, missing out on social events, eating and drinking much less plus grinding at the gym.” So, he knows his stuff, and has experienced the same transformation that he now helps others achieve.

Simon’s tips for achieving an optimum balance of health and wellbeing right now are as follows: Firstly, “eat a little less than you normally do. Most of us aren’t walking as much as usual and probably aren’t exercising as much as either. So, try and eat a little less. Try and get in more fruit and veggies as well. (If there’s any left in the supermarket).”

Next: “Make an effort to do some exercise. Whether it’s a home workout or your one and only daily walk or run, take advantage of having the time to workout or be outside”.

And finally, “Get into a sleep routine. Go to bed at the same time every day and wake up at the same time. Try and get 8 hours minimum and I promise you will feel great.”

Read on for Simon’s top 6 exercises to do at home…



1. Step back lunge – The king of the single leg exercises


• Start standing with your feet together

• Take a step back with one leg

• Bring your back knee down to the floor

• Push with your front leg back up to start position.

• Change leg and repeat.

Why: Single leg work is more challenging and needs less weight to make an impact, which makes it perfect for at home. Plus, it’s great for adding definition to the quads and glutes.

2. Press Up – The Upper Body Blaster.


• Start in plank, arm straight.

• Hands flat on the floor with toes on the floor facing down.

• Pushing elbows back towards your feet lower yourself down.

• Just before you reach the floor push back up.

• Do it 10 times.

Why: It’s a bodyweight exercise that doesn’t need weight to be challenging. It works chest, shoulders and triceps while also engaging core muscles.

3) Towel Bicep Curl – The Weird One


• Get a towel.

• Put something heavy in the middle.

• Twist both ends

• Keep your elbows tucked in to your sides

• Bring hands up towards shoulders.

• Lower hands back down.

• Do it 10 times.

Why: No gym, means no dumbbells. So, get creative. Everyone loves a bicep curl. Especially that guy in your gym with the vest that does them everyday and nothing else. It works biceps, shoulders forearms and back.

4) Dead Bug – Oh That One


• Start lying on your back with your knees bent and feet in the air.

• Hands straight up in front of you.

• Left leg goes down until its straight, at the same time right arm goes behind you until its straight.

• Return to original position and do the opposite sides.

• Do it again and again until you really feel it in your abs.

Why: Works all core muscles while also helping with lower back strength and pelvic positioning.

5) The Squat – The Powerhouse Move


• Live with your mum (please don’t visit her right now, just to do this move)

• Stand with feet shoulder width apart

• Bending knees, keeping chest up push your butt back and down

• Stand back up.

• Carry on until your legs feel like they might fall off.

Why: Let’s face it, every workout needs some kind of squat. It hits nearly every leg muscle and is easy to do. You can do bodyweight, hold something heavy or squat your mum if you’re strong or she’s light (this last one’s not for beginners, we might add).

6) Burpee Kick Through – The One Everyone Hates


• Start in a standing position

• Place hands on the floor and kick legs back

• Once in the plank position kick right leg towards left arm and lift left arm up.

• Return to plank.

• Do the other side then stand back up.

• Do 15 and you won’t want to do anymore. But you probably should.

Why: A full body blaster that gets lungs and heart working but also uses core and shoulder stabilising muscles as well as legs. Plus, it looks quite cool.

Thanks to Simon @simonmotie (and his mum) for helping to keep us fit during these times.


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