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Not looking forward to the cold and rainy January weather? We’ve picked out 5 winter sun best destinations to kick start the New Year.


1. Barbados

Barbados is a beautiful coral island, full of long stretched white sandy beaches and clear blue-green seas. Whether you’re someone who loves art, music, history, relaxing or enjoys lively surrounds, this island has something for everyone.

Aside from the shops and street markets, make sure you head over to Bridgetown, which is full of many historical sites. Enjoy your food? The street side stands have the best macaroni pies and fried chicken.



2. Thailand

Heading to Thailand to escape the January bad weather – rain especially, then you’ll want to stay in Phuket Town which is off Thailand’s south west coasts. Guaranteed to be sunny and rain free, this town is full of diversity and friendly faces. You’ll find a big mix of tourism and culture during your stay.

Thailand is also known for its night life with beach parties on Patong beach which is just a small walk away from bars and restaurants. After sunset all the roads get closed off for cars and the streets over flow with people who are ready to enjoy the vibrant nightlife.



3. The Maldives

You’ll expects highs of 29 degrees in January if you pick the Maldives sandy beaches. The most popular destination in the Maldives has to be the City of Male, which is the biggest island. Try your hand at fishing off this picturesque island at either sunrise or sunset and take in the astounding surrounding which come pretty close to our idea of paradise.



4. Bali

They don’t call it the Island of Gods for nothing. Head over to the heart of Bali in Ubud for a spiritual and cultural experience or go surfing and diving in the sunshine off the north or west coast of Bali. Constantly voted one the best island in the world, prepare to be captivated by Bali’s perfect balance of sun, surf and smiles.



5. Mexico

One of the best places to stay in Mexico is Cancun. With a bustling nightlife and something called the Hotel Zone – the Mexicans tend to go all out with really cool light shows – you’ll have plenty to keep you occupied. And did we mention the great beaches, sun, and of course Mexican food? You can have as much of the real thing as you like.

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