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Summer is a great time to liven up your bathroom inventory with a new fragrance to suit the lighter evenings and longer days. Not only are we thinking of holidays (and perhaps that wait in Duty Free at the airport for our gate to appear) but the fragrance brands also use the summer months to launch limited edition fragrances, which are normally a twist or lighter play on their most popular lines.

So take advantage and wake up your olfactory senses with 5 summer fragrances that deserve a good sniff as recommended by The Perfume Shop.


1. Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male  – Jean Paul Gaultier From £35

Be a rogue with Jean Paul Gautier’s latest version of the classic Le Male. Ultra Male is a more intense version of the iconic scent, leaning more on the dark lavender and woody vanilla notes found in the iconic scent from the mid-90s. Spicy and delicate, it’s perfect a summer evening and royal blue twist on the Le Male silhouette will also look good in your bathroom cabinet.


2. Calvin Klein Euphoria Essence For Him From £44 

Add some vibrancy to your fragrance wardrobe with this limited edition take on the classic Calvin Klein Euphoria. If you’re a fan of fresh fragrances with depth, then try this take on the iconic Euphoria For Him.  The masculine infusion entices your senses, thanks to the combination of white pepper, Italian bergamot and a touch of vibrant amber.


3. Hugo Boss Intense £44.40

A deeper, more distinctive interpretation of the ever popular Boss Bottled. Boss Bottled Intense is a timeless fragrance. With the same understated and sleek design, fans of spicy warm fragrances will appreciate the powerful and refined intensity of spices and warm woods found in Boss Bottled Intense. Perfect for when the sun goes down.


4. Issey Miyake Nuit d’Issey EDP – £48

A deeper, more intense play on the original EDT, this impactful scent is set to pack a punch this season. Masculine and musky, Nuit d’Issey is a real detour from the successful fragrance launched 20 years ago. It’s the perfect accessory for long summer evenings because it is a comfortable, easy and completely wearable scent.

Available on 16th August 2015


5. Paco Rabanne Invictus £36.99

If you’ve ever wanted to smell victory, then look no further. Paco Rabanne Invictus is a fresh and sporty scent that you can wear everyday. Think fresh linen when you first bring it in from hanging outside. A vibrant and seductive adrenaline shot for those who live in the fast lane and crave success, the trophy-style bottle will also be a good addition to your bathroom inventory.

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