Style Manual

The modern man’s guide to dressing well every day

New year, new you? Not quite. Forget the gym, healthy eating and dry January, instead focus your attention on something you can stick to in 2017.  We’re talking smart dressing whatever the occasion. So to help you make that change, we’ve pulled together 5 style resolutions for men.

Dress like a grown-up

Bomber jacket

We hate to break it to you but if you want to be taken more seriously, you need to dress the part. You may not have outgrown your favourite cartoon sweatshirt physically but is it really appropriate attire for that all-important trip to the in-laws? And the least that can be said about those cowboy boots, studded leather jacket and baseball cap, the better.

Dressing for your decade doesn’t mean dulling down, it simply translates as making the right choices. Think shirt with jeans, plain or patterned t-shirts with chinos, add a blazer or neat bomber and keep it simple. Classic rather than experimental. Well-fitting garb rather than baggy pants. After all, you want to be on top of your game rather than giving the game away.

Find a suit that fits


Nothing says smart more than a suit that fits. Think of it like armour. As it will be essential at many an event throughout the year. Neither too tight around the chest nor too wide across the shoulder, you want to cut a fine figure in your suit. Don’t be too swayed by the trends. If you are naturally slim then a skinny suit is a great choice, while a tailored suit is more forgiving for athletic builds. Whatever you do, look out for key telltale signs. Make sure the shoulder pads end at the shoulders and the jacket covers your zip. Two piece or 3-piece? It’s up to you but a 3-piece may prove more versatile.

Wear jeans that flatter

Alongside a well-fitting suit, every man owns at least one pair of jeans. If you’re looking for denim you can live in this season, find a pair that flatter your shape and style. Skinny jeans may be here to stay for a while but that doesn’t mean every man can pull them off. A safer bet would be slim or straight. And don’t be tempted by going too baggy. That trend should be well and truly left in the past alongside back-to-front baseball caps and low v-neck t-shirts.

As for colours, black and indigo are both versatile choices as they work for both casual and more smart occasions. Or why not try greencast or a light blue shade to keep it fresh in your downtime? Even subtle details like rip and repair styles can update your wardrobe, just avoid large rips or anything too obvious.

Don’t be afraid to accessorise

You don’t have to buy a load of new clothes to update your wardrobe. Take a tip from the girls and simply add accessories. From ties and cufflinks for your suits and shirts to hats and scarves, there are a number of ways you can refresh your outfit instantly. Also you don’t have to go all out. Simply slip on a pair of sunglasses during the summer or scarf when the mercury drops. Accessories are an easy way to change your look throughout the season.

Discard ancient gear

One way to stop yourself from looking scruffy is to get rid of anything that will make you appear as if you’ve just rolled out of bed. That means anything with holes, stains or is just past its prime (yes, those white-now-grey shirts). They may be your go-tos when feeling less than fresh after a Saturday night out. Do yourself a favour and ditch the shabby clothing. Start afresh in new clothes that make you look smart.

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