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This week is National BBQ week, although the weather may not be playing ball we’re not going to be deterred. Here are our top 5 secret ingredients for transforming your BBQ into a next level taste sensation!

  1. Umami Powder

Umami is ‘the 5th taste’. After salty, sweet, sour and bitter comes umami. It’s a very savoury flavour which you might have experienced when eating beef, parmesan or even marmite. It’s a tough one to pin down but our taste buds love it, most umami powders will be full of glutamate rich ingredients like mushrooms, anchovies, lemon, tomato and garlic. They essentially try to recreate the effect of MSG without all the ‘badness’. Add a sprinkle of umami power to potato wedges or vegetable skewers cooked on the BBQ to add the 5th taste dimension and unlock new flavour possibilities!


  1. Gran Luchito Honey

You may have spotted some guest blogs from the friendly guys over at Gran Luchito on The Knowledge. We’re huge fans of their range of rare smoked Mexican chillies which come in a traditional paste, a smokey mayo and now a new infused oil. For BBQs though we love their honey. It’s got a spicy, smokey kick which works so well with the sweetness of the honey. Spread it over chicken drumsticks on the BBQ for an authentic Mexican twist. We guarantee all your mates will be asking for the recipe! Check out their website for tonnes of recipes and tips.


  1. Mustard

Ok, so it’s not exactly top secret but mustard at a BBQ is essential. If you’re into making your own BBQ sauce or marinade then add a hearty tablespoon full. Our other favourite use at a BBQ is for those sizzling sausages! Mix some mustard and honey and smother it over your bangers before sticking them in a hot dog bap to transform a BBQ staple into something much, much tastier.


  1. Worcester Sauce

It transforms cheese on toast into Welsh Rarebit! Let it transform your BBQ too. Our favourite use is as a base for your dry rub. Get your ribs/brisket/pork shoulder and give it a good splash of Worcester Sauce all over before liberally applying your favourite rub. It’ll help the rub stick to the meat and it also gives a great flavour kick too.


  1. Jam

Right, you might think this is a bit of a weird one but stick with us! Everyone has a bit of jam knocking around in the cupboard or fridge that could do with using up. Save on buying an expensive glaze for your meat and use your jam instead. Peach, apricot, plum or redcurrant are the most versatile and will go well with pork and chicken. Experiment with mango, pinaple or blackberry for something a little different. If you want to add a little kick then mix in some dried chillies or a shake of cayenne pepper too. Brush on the jam glaze a minute or two before pulling off the heat.


Make sure you check out our ‘Be a BBQ Boss’ post for more tips on getting it just right on the day.


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