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A step up from the usual greasy meat in a polystyrene container and limp pita, we’ve scoped out 5 of the best posh kebabs you can get in Britain. There’s no need to feel guilty about scoffing any of these on a Friday night after a craft beer or two.



Based in Essex, this fine dining restaurant boasts one of Britain’s best kebabs according to the British Kebab Awards 2015. We recommend the Karisik Sis, Lahmacun and Cacik.



In its prime, waterside location, Havez is a joy to visit. When we go, the Kisir is ordered to share and the Pacanga makes a nice change from the usual Borek pastries. You can’t go wrong with their Lamb Kofte.



Serving up all your favourite Turkish classics, Ishtar is a Burton favourite on a Friday night. If you ever fancy a break from your usual kebab, try the Iskender for something a little different.


Skewd Kitchen

Easily the most modern kebab restaurant that we’ve come across, Skewd is a pretty trendy affair. That’s not to say it’s style over substance. If you do feel like venturing away from succulent, grilled meats, opt for one of their traditional Pides.


Super Kebab 

Ok, so it’s not the POSHEST kebab, but it is the best. You don’t have to take away, book a table and eat it with a knife and fork if you want it to more closely mimic a fine dining experience. Sample the Halep Kebab or the Super Special Kebab and you won’t be disappointed.

This Friday night, treat youself to one of these posh kebabs, a definite step up from your usual dirty donner.

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