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We all love a good movie! Here are our top 5 blockbusters that you won’t want to miss this summer. We’ve summarised exactly what we think of each movie in the most simple sentance…

Jurassic World

Jurassic park sequel that’s all about dinosaurs, action and even more dinosaurs!
In cinemas 12th June 2015


Terminator Genisys

Two words – Arnold Schwarzenegger! The first three moives were so epic that this one doesn’t even need explaining.
In cinemas 2nd July 2015


Ted 2

We’re still not done laughing at the first one and in this one Ted wants a baby!
In cinemas 10th July 2015


Fantastic Four

We wish we were the Fantastic Four because who doesn’t want super powers?
In cinemas 6th August 2015



Not your typical end of the world movie! In this one all your favourite arcade games attack the world.
In cinemas 12th August 2015

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