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From director Neill Blomkamp (the guy behind ‘District 9’) comes robot and AI movie ‘Chappie’. Chappie is the first robot produced to have artificial intelligence allowing him to learn and feel, creating a divide in opinion over what threat this could cause to society. It’s not exactly unchartered territory on screen (think Ex Machina, iRobot, Blade Runner), but this incarnation does promise to bring it all together with a gripping storyline, all star cast and great production values.


Insurgent is a science fiction action film based on Insurgent, the second book in the Divergent trilogy, written by Veronica Roth. It is the sequel to the 2014 film Divergent and the second instalment in The Divergent Series. The plot follows Tris as she faces one impossible challenge after another as she unlocks the truth about the past and ultimately the future of her world.

Unfinished Business

This slapstick comedy follows Vince Vaughn on his quest to make a success of his start-up business. The movie follows him and his motley team to Germany to close the most important deal of their lives. Cue drunken lols, hilarious mishaps and more than it’s share of German stereotyping as the underdogs fight to win their high profile client.

Wild Card

Absolute legend, Jason Statham, plays a lethal body guard with a bit of a gambling problem. When a personal friend comes to him asking to get her own back on the local mob in Vegas, Statham, being the gentleman he is, obliges. Watch him fight his way out of this one in true action packed style.

Get Hard

Get Hard stars Will Ferrell as a  millionaire hedge fund manager  who’s wrongly convicted of fraud . Being given 30 days to get his affairs in order before he’s sent to prison for a 10 year sentence. Hilarity ensues as he hires Darnell ( Kevin Hart) who’s never actually been to prison , to teach him how to survive behind bars.

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