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Chances are you’re heading to foreign shores this summer, so ensure it’s a faff-free one by making use of the range of apps available on your mobile phone. From helping you create the ultimate packing list to instantly translating text, here are 5 Apps to help you on your holiday.

1. Packing Pro (available on iOS), £2.29

Packing Pro app screenshot

If you leave everything to the last minute or simply need something to guide your packing choices (see also 10 Essentials For A Week Away), download Packing Pro on your iPhone or iPad. Simply select from the huge catalogue of over 800 items organised into categories such as essentials, clothes and accessories, to create a to-do list, which you can then check off as you pack. you can also use the app to estimate helpful information such as the total weight (always useful) plus share your list with friends and family (and perhaps share the load).

More information on Packing Pro

2. Tripit (available on iOS and Android), Free or $4.09 a month charge

TripIt app screenshot

Instead of searching through endless pieces of scrappy pieces of paper for your plane tickets, hotel reservations and any other holiday-related admin, store it all in one place – the Tripit app. No nonsense and easy-to-navigate, the free version allows you to organise your travel plans and share them with your party. Upgrade to the Pro version (first month free, followed by a $4.09 a month) and you’ll also receive real-time flight alerts, the ability to locate alternative flight plus a bunch of other useful stuff.

More information on TripIt

3. Google Translate app (available on iOS and Android), Free

Google Translate app

Forget ridiculous arm gestures and  pointing furiously at the menu to order your food, if you want to communicate when abroad download Google Translate. Available in up to 90 languages, Google Translate helps you get the message across succinctly and accurately. Plus you can now use your camera to translate English to (and from) French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Spanish. Simply point at the text on the page, click and  voila, this handy app will translate for you.

More information on Google Translate app

4. XE Currency (available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone), Free

Currency exchange app

It’s always good to have an accurate track of your spending on holiday, even if the majority of your budget does go on that local beer you’ve developed a taste for. Free, easy-to-use and totally on the ball – XE Currency uses live currency rates – this is probably the best currency exchange app on the market. Don’t leave home without it.

More information on XE Currency app

5. Sunscreen (available on iOS), Free

sunscreen app screenshot

Lobster on a plate, tasty. The lobster look, not so great. Avoid this scenario by slapping on the sunscreen, a hat, covering your arms with a shirt when the sun’s at its strongest and downloading the nifty sunscreen app. Not only will it use your current location to detect the UVI rating, the sunscreen app also includes a countdown timer that will alert you when you next need to apply sunscreen. Just provide your skin type and SPF factor then Sunscreen will do all the hard work for you.

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