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3 Ways to Wear Trainers

Not just for the gym, trainers and plimsolls have become a part of everyday style. Comfy, practical and stylish, a classic pair of trainers can transform your outfit. From teaming with roll-up trousers to wearing with a suit, here are 3 simple ways you can wear trainers this season.

  1. Relax in trainers and chinos


Jeans, t-shirt and trainers – it’s a go-to look that works at anytime of year. When it comes to the summer, why not swap the jeans with a pair of neutral chinos and fold up the leg 2 or 3 times until it is sitting above the ankle? Slide on a pair of plimsolls and you’re ready to roam the summer streets with this simple and stylish look.



  1. The Smart Look


Forget the rulebook for a moment and switch up your outfit by swapping your smart shoes for a pair of plain white trainers. While this may not be quite right with a full-on 3-piece suit, you can work it into a 2-piece light blue or grey suit. Keep it minimal and fuss-free in terms of accessories. Remove you tie and undo the top two buttons of your shirt to feel more relaxed. When the temperature rises, wear with a plain t-shirt or polo shirt to look casually smart this summer.



  1. Coordinate your colours


T-shirt and Trainers outfit


An easy way to look put together is to keep it plain and simple. Mix a printed t-shirt with plain chinos or slim fit jeans for the perfect weekend outfit. When it’s warm outside, why not swap your trousers for a pair of denim shorts? Finish with a pair of plain trainers or plimsolls and smart leather belt. Pack a lightweight jersey top or short sleeve shirt to layer up during the British summer.


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