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Going from summer to autumn can be quite a difficult transition, especially when the weather can be typically unpredictable. It may feel a little early to start layering but there’s nothing wrong with being prepared. After all, as the nights draw in slowly, there’s a noticeable drop in temperature. Don’t be caught short when you’re out and about enjoying the final days of summer. Here are 3 ways to layer your outfit and beat the chill this season.

1. Smart Casual Layering

Bomber and Knitted Polo

Whether on a date or out in the evening with friends, you can’t fail to impress in the smart casual combination of a knitted polo shirt with jeans. And while this is perfectly comfortable during the day, you may find yourself shivering in the corner if you happen to be socialising outside at night. Step in the smart black or navy bomber jacket. Easy-to-wear and versatile, this trusty lightweight jacket will add that extra layer of warmth when the sun goes down.



2. Laid-back Layering

Plain Shirt

When it comes to layering in your downtime, the casual shirt is a versatile option. Available in a variety of options including checked, printed or plain shirt, you can wear it in place of your jacket or a blazer. And don’t forget, you could always go for a short sleeve shirt or roll up the sleeves of a long sleeve shirt, when the weather is warmer. If you’re wearing a printed or check shirt, keep your bottom layer plain. Wearing your favourite printed t-shirt? Layer a plain casual shirt over the top. You can wear it with the buttons done up all the way or half way up. Finally, go for jeans or chinos and casual plimsolls on the bottom half.



3. Formal Layering

Suit and Knitted Jumper

If heading to work or a smarter occasion, remember it’s important to go for layers that you can take off easily. We all know how hot commuting can get. When the days get colder, go for a simple layers like a thin knitted jumper in between your shirt and suit jacket. Dressing for a casual Friday? Switch out your suit jacket with a lightweight blazer or mac.


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