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There’s nothing like a glass of steaming hot booze to warm your cockles on a cold winter’s evening. Here are 3 of our favourite hot cocktails for you to sample during the festive season.

1. Glögg

Red wine, vodka and spices. If anyone knows a thing or two about keeping warm on a long winter night it’s our Scandinavian friends.


Check out the recipe here.

2. Hot Buttered Rum

Rich, buttery and full of festive spices, it doesn’t get better than a hot buttered rum. Just the ticket for enjoying fireside with friends and family.


Get the recipe.

3. Bourbon, Bacon Hot Chocolate

We love bacon, we love bourbon and we sure love chocolate. It doesn’t get more indulgent than this decadent, boozy hot chocolate. We’ll burn this one off in the gym come January’s health kick, but for now, cook up a batch and enjoy.


Master this hot cocktail.

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