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The modern man’s guide to dressing well every day

Whether home or abroad, make the most of your time out and refresh your wardrobe. And to help you get started, we’ve picked out a few essentials every man needs for a week away.

Polo shirt

1. Sunglasses

More than just a fashion accessory, sunglasses can be a lifesaver in the sunshine (well almost). They offer protection eyes from the blinding sunlight. Choose a pair suited to your face shape so you look sharp while exploring the sights.

2. A casual shirt

No matter how much you slather on the sunscreen, it’s always best to add an extra layer of protection. That's where a casual shirt comes in. Wear as a lightweight layer over a vest to protect your shoulders, chest and other areas particularly vulnerable to the sun's harmful rays. Then when it comes to the evenings, team your patterned shirt or printed shirt with a pair of comfy chinos.

3. Two to three pairs of shorts


Holiday is the one time you don't have to follow a dress code so embrace it (see can I wear shorts to work?). Swimming shorts are essential if you’re planning on taking a dip in the pool or heading to the beach. You also won’t regret packing a pair of chino shorts for those particularly hot and balmy days.

4. Underwear

Don’t forget to pack your boxers unless you think you can get away with wearing your swimming shorts every day. Take at least one pair for each day you're away. Add socks to the list and if you want to go for the no sock look, try these invisible socks and keep your one pair of smart shoes fresh.

5. Hoodie

Heading to tropical climes? You'll be glad you packed your hoodie if the weather decides to make a turn for the worse. It's also a useful layer when travelling on air conditioned buses and planes.

6. Two or three pairs of summer shoes

White plimsolls

Take plimsolls or trainers to wear when exploring the surroundings or heading out to dinner. And in that downtime by the pool or lazing on the beach, air your feet in a pair of flip flops.

7. A wallet

Keys, phone and…whatever you do, don’t leave your wallet behind. If given the option to pay in Stirling or the local currency on your credit or debit card, always choose local. You probably already do this but check the exchange rates before you go so you can keep tabs on how much you’re spending.

8. A decent bag or rucksack

You will probably pack all your clothes in a suitcase that will go in the hold and stay in the hotel room but a decent bag will is useful to carry towels, water, suncream and all the essentials you’ll need when heading to the beach.

9. Two or three basic t-shirts

Plain cotton tees are a must for every holiday. Multi-purpose and comfortable, wear them with shorts to the beach or on an evening layered under a casual shirt. Aim to pack at least two to three if you're also taking polo shirts on a week-long stay as you'll never know when they'll come in use.

10. A polo shirt

Whether you're heading out at night or wandering into town, keep up appearances in a classic polo shirt. Sporty and cool, throw in this as an alternative to your casual shirts.

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