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What To Wear To A Summer Ball

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What To Wear to a Summer Ball

When it comes to summer balls, proms or very formal occasions, follow the dress code and you really can’t go wrong. Think James Bond in a black tuxedo, white formal shirt, black bow tie and black formal shoes. Remember this is not the occasion to team your plimsolls with your tux or swap your shirt for a t-shirt. Concentrate on the detail and follow our guidelines on what to wear to a ball to inject personality into your attire.

If you’re looking for a break from black, try a timeless navy 3-piece tuxedo. With the winning combination of a satin shawl collar and a textured fabric, you can be the best dressed in this luxurious tuxedo jacket. Don’t forget to stay sharp by wearing a freshly-pressed white dress shirt underneath the waistcoat and finish with a pocket square, cufflinks, watch and formal shoes.

Simple and refined, the black tux is a classic and always a favourite on the red carpet. Find the best fit for your body type, and as obvious as it sounds, make sure it’s comfortable – not too tight. Wear your 2-piece over a skinny white textured bib shirt with a black bow tie and black formal shoes. Add a contrasting pocket square to look elegant effortlessly.

Softer than black, navy absorbs more light offering a richness and sophisticated edge. It also looks good on every skin tone. Now you can swap your tux for a sharp 3-piece suit and look equally sharp just wear with the smartest white dress shirt you can find, preferably with a wing or turndown collar. Then add a bow tie, pocket square and smart formal shoes.