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The Wedding Shop

  • The Wedding Shop The Wedding Shop

    Choosing your wedding suit can be difficult. If you’re the groom, it’s probably your first (and hopefully your last) big day so even the most experienced suit buyer may need a bit of advice. We have styled a range of suits that will make sure you look the part for the occasion, whether you're the Groom, Best man, Father of the Bride, or a friend going along for the free bar!

  • The Groom The Groom

    Your wedding day is one of the most special occasions of your life. You'll look back on the pictures for years so ensure you opt for a classic suit, nothing too bold or fussy and that you dress it up perfectly with co-ordinated accessories.

  • Best Man Best Man

    Congratulations on getting the gig as Best Man, this is your time to shine as the witty, stylish, best mate of the Groom. Your look needs to compliment his but you're entitled to go a bit bolder and more contemporary. Besides, there are Bridesmaids to be chatted up!

  • Father of The Bride Father of The Bride

    Your little girl is all grown up, and you get to give her away to a very lucky man. Make sure you're looking the part with a classic, flattering suit for the occasion. You can experiment a little more with accessories, but please, don't use your pocket square as a hanky!


  • Evening Guest Evening Guest

    Even if you're just going along to the evening do, you still have to dress appropriately smart. A suit is a necessity but you can afford to go bolder by picking a rich coloured suit in a slim fit and experiment with accessories for a contemporary look.


  • Plus One Plus One

    As a guest you can get away with dressing a little more rock 'n' roll than the Groom and will need to impress your date, a slim cut suit with tipping detail should do the job! Team this with a all-over micro print formal shirt and some complimentary smart leather shoes for a winning look.


  • Wedding Crasher Wedding Crasher

    Wedding season is getting into full swing which means plenty of parties to hit! Invest in a smart grey suit and black shoes now that will last you a whole summer of wedding parties! Team with a statement formal shirt, this club collar with tab is bang on the money.