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#FashFail: your winner

It’s been a cringeworthy few weeks, but the public has spoken and your No.1 fashion offender is…

Jonah Bland! Jonah beat off some strong competition from Andy Moss, Fiona Haward and more, but you voted him as the person most in need of a new wardrobe. And we would have to agree.

Thankfully, Jonah has bagged himself £300 worth of Burton vouchers to put towards some new threads. Jonah, we hope you’ve learned a few fashion lessons and will use your vouchers wisely.

Help give Jonah a makeover

Give a man a new outfit and he’ll look good for a bit. But teach a man how to dress and he’ll be stylish for life.

What should Jonah wear, and what style tips would you give him?

Check out some of our awesome jeans, hoodies and shirts and let us know on Twitter or Facebook what you reckon Jonah should spend his vouchers on.