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  • All I Want For Christmas All I Want For Christmas

    This year, make it a stylish Christmas by gifting your man something special from our winter collection. Read on to find out what the girls at Burton HQ will be giving their other halves this Christmas, and get gifts for him sorted in seconds...


  • Julia and Cengiz Shop Cengiz's Look Visit The Gift Shop Julia and Cengiz

    SHE SAYS - I love the dapper chap look for Cengiz so this is the kind of outfit I'd like to buy him for Christmas. Personally I think the shirt should be tucked in, but boys will be boys...

    HE SAYS - It's true I like to dress smart, so Julia's spot-on with this outfit. I wouldn't normally wear a bow tie, but if Julia's a fan, then I'm game.


  • Anna and Jonathan Shop Jonathan's Look Visit The Gift Shop Anna and Jonathan

    SHE SAYS - When buying for Jonathan, I try to think about how he can mix and match items for office and when we're out with friends - his job means he has to be relatively smart, so this jumper and shirt combo is ideal for both work and play.

    HE SAYS - I'll admit, a jumper over a shirt isn't my usual style, but I'm really liking it - if Anna got me this outfit for Christmas I'd be sorted.


  • Heather and Andy Shop Andy's Look Visit The Gift Shop Heather and Andy

    SHE SAYS - This year, I'll be buying Andy a heavyweight cardi - I'm a huge fan of them, and Andy looks great in this one! He owns plenty of check shirts so it's good to see the two looking good together.

    HE SAYS - I'm usually a jumper man, but Heather's right, this cardigan is really nice, and dead warm too - I'm sold!


  • Laura and Andreas Shop Andreas' Look Visit The Gift Shop Laura and Andreas

    SHE SAYS - I'll try to pick things I know he'll love (the plimsolls and Kasabian t-shirt), and things I know he needs (a new scarf!)....and then there's his leather jacket that's desperately in need of an update!

    HE SAYS - As a proper music-lover, for me, a leather jacket feels like a neccessity - mine's getting a bit shabby, so this one Laura has picked would be the ideal replacement.


  • Charlotte and Charlie Shop Charlie's Look Visit The Gift Shop Charlotte and Charlie

    SHE SAYS - As a creative, Charlie has great style and makes choice that are often well ahead of the fashion curve - he has a firm idea of what he likes so buying for him is relatively easy. Being into print and pattern, I knew this skull sweatshirt would be a winner.

    HE SAYS - I'll admit, Burton is not somewhere I'd usually shop, but the outfit I'm wearing today is great, and most importantly not too tame! One skull print sweatshirt for Christmas please...