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It's around about this time of year that the weather starts to turn. Your staple office shirt and trousers simply don't cut it early in the morning or after work drinks. And that air con at work is more chilly than comfortable. Yes, the change in temperature outside can only mean one thing - it's time to layer up in knits. From polos to crew necks, here how to wear knits in the office.

Polo shirt under blazer

Chunky vs smart

If you're after a jumper for the office, stick to fine-knit and lightweight options. As the name suggests, Nordic-styles, Fair Isle or fisherman jumpers are designed for the outdoors rather than a desk-bound work environment.

Sometimes called fine-gauge (in a nutshell, this means more stitches of a finer yarn per inch of fabric), the smart knit is a slimline version of its chunky counterpart. This means you can easily layer it over your work shirt or team with formal trousers without resembling someone off on a 10-mile hike.

Smart knits for the office

Don't be put off by the idea of knitwear in the office. You can go down the route of wearing a v-neck with a tie but there are other ways to pull off a jumper at work.

The crew neck jumper

Crew neck jumper

A crew neck jumper, for example, will show less of your tie and collar and be less forgiving than say a v-neck with a bulky tie knot. A crew neck offers versatility in terms of shirt collar. You can wear your shirt collar either tucked under or outside the neckline of the jumper. Or you could simply go without. It also offers a much-needed layer between a blazer and shirt.

The v-neck jumper

As for the v-neck, well it can also look good when teamed with a blazer and shirt. What a v-neck does is allow for more room for you to show off your shirt and tie combo in the office. If your work dress code allows, wear a v-neck jumper as a softer alternative to your suit jacket.

The roll neck

Roll neck

Fuss-free and minimal, the roll neck can look just as smart as a shirt and tie with a suit. Just as long as you stick to a fine-gauge knit. A roll neck is also a good choice to go from day to play instantly. For a sleek silhouette, wear under a blazer with a pair of formal trousers or even chinos.

The knitted polo

Knitted polo

If your dress code is slightly more casual, a knitted polo can work when styled simply with formal trousers. You can even swap out an office shirt for a knitted polo under your suit. This versatile piece of kit is worth considering if you want something that ticks the smart-casual and contemporary box.

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