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Packing for your summer holiday needn’t be an ordeal. We’ve managed to condense ours into a hand luggage sized bag for a week’s holiday and here’s how…

What you need for a week:

1 beach towel

2 swimming shorts

2 other shorts (denim/ chino/ smart depending on your style)

2 plain t-shirts

2 plain vests

1 printed t-shirt

2 patterned shirts

1 flip flops

1 summer shoe (pick a smart plimsoll or an espadrille to double for day and night)

Backpack, hat & Belt (the accessories)

6 changes of underwear

4 pairs of socks

1 wash bag (soap, deodorant, a razor, moisturiser with SPF, hair gel)

Sun cream

Bug spray


What to wear on the plane:

Joggers or jersey shorts

A plain t-shirt

A textured hoodie

Trainers (if you want you can wear your plimsolls or espadrilles, meaning one less item in your carry on luggage)




How to pack:

First in are the shoes, wash bag, sun cream and bug spray. Try to put these to the bottom of your case as it would be when stood upright.

Next, fold your towel twice and then roll it as tightly as possible and put above shoes etc.

Now roll all of your clothing, one at a time and place on top of one another, working your way to the top of the case. Think of it as a game of tetris.

Plug the gaps with rolled up underwear, socks and accessories. These can also be stuffed inside shoes to prevent the shoe from being crushed or losing its shape.

Place the backpack, as flattened as possible over the top and then zip up.


How to make this last the holiday:

On the first day to the pool or beach wear the vest or tee that you wore on the plane with swimmers.

Each day, alternate the swim shorts you’re using so the others have time to dry properly.

A t-shirt will last a max of 2 days by the pool or beach before it gets saturated with salt, sand and sun cream. With this in mind, if you wear a t-shirt for a nice dinner out, re-use it for the next day or two on the beach as it will still be pretty fresh.

Use a new t-shirt or vest for day trips with your smarter shorts and then use again by the pool the next day, but never use a shirt worn in the day out for the night, you’ll have just showered and it will make you feel awful.

Keep the smarter printed shirts for your big nights out and avoid wearing them on the beach the next day as they’ll aslo double nicely to throw over a vest for a day trip.

Hang your beach towel each evening to keep it as dry and clean as possible.


There you have it, an easy guide to packing light for a summer holiday. You’ll not be short of stylish combos throughout the week, just remember not to blast through every item in the first couple of days, it’s easy to mix n match and be economical on your baggage limit without compromising on style. Visit the holiday shop now to pick up your suitcase staples.

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