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If you are investing in new kit for 2018, it's best to start with the essentials. A good overcoat, an Oxford shirt, a pair of jeans and, of course, a smart suit.  When it comes to suits, you want it to fit you like armour. Thankfully, we're here to help with a few tips on how to make any suit look bespoke.
Burton suit

Fit like armour

As we said above, you want the suit to fit you like armour so no boxy suit jackets or baggy trousers. By fit, we mean snug not tight. Your jacket shouldn't bulge at the seams when you do it up or bunch up between your shoulder blades. Check that the jacket fits you across the shoulders. Get it right and you will instantly look taller, slimmer and feel more confident. Get it wrong and you may as well not bother.

Show off your cuffs

Always aim to show off a bit of cuff on your shirt which means you need to consider the length of the sleeves on your jacket. If there too long e.g. hitting your knuckles and you're heading into baggy, ill-fitting suit territory. The length you're looking for is around half an inch of shirt cuff poking out under your jacket. As for that shirt cuff, this should be level with the bottom of your hand or base of your thumb.

Mind the gap

Black suit

Between your jacket and shirt collar as this indicates an ill-fitting suit. You want the suit to fit tight against the shirt collar. When it comes to your shirt collar, however, you want enough room so you can slip your middle or index finger inside. Any more roomy and your shirt starts to look untidy, which will let the whole side down.

Watch the leg length

If the leg length's not right, you could end up looking like a boy in school uniform who has either started or finished his growth spurt. The point is you want your trousers to fall or rest just on the top of your shoes when you're standing up. No ankle baring or material pooling allowed.

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