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We've all heard of the term 'layering'. Where by you throw on layers of lightweight clothing to ensure you're comfortable, whatever the weather. Let's face it, it's better to be able to peel off the layers in uncertain weather than roast under a a heavy-weight knit when the sun's shining. But layering does have its own pitfalls. Fear not, help is at hand. Here's our guide on how to layer up effortlessly.

Raglan jacket

Double-up on your shirts

Before you dismiss this idea completely, take a bit of time to hear us out. What we mean is wear two different types of shirt together, such as a thicker flannel shirt over a lighter denim shirt or a denim jacket over a lightweight check shirt. You can then peel one layer off if the day eventually warms up and keep warm when the sun goes down.

Think knitwear

There's nothing wrong with putting on a jumper at this type of year, just pick a suitable one. Think fine gauge knit that you can throw on over a shirt when the temperature drops. And stick to plain colours or subtle patterns - these will work with the majority of your wardrobe and make getting dressed simpler throughout this season.

And 'under' layers

Shirt and tee

You may associate vests with your grandad but they can be very useful when it's a bit chilly outside. Wear under your shirt to keep your body warm. A tee can also be useful under a shirt on those in-between days. When it's warm enough to wear just a shirt but not hot enough to warrant a tee or shirt by itself. You can always take the shirt off if the thermometer rises.

Lighten the load

When it comes to layering, think light and minimal in terms of outerwear. This will help streamline your look. Something like a collared Harrington or denim jacket will work and give you an extra layer of protection in cooler climes. It's also easier to carry until you really need it.

Add sweats

Puffer jacket

It may not be the obvious choice but a hoodie can be a super-handy layer. Whether you mix it up with a smarter piece of kit such as a blazer or wear it under a padded lightweight puffer, you'll always find a place for a hoodie in your wardrobe. Make it a part of your layering wardrobe.

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